Winners of the competition

Realization / Реализация

  • Urban Greenhouse / Anton Kotlyarov, Stanislav Kashin, Patricia Lencastre Carneiro / Milan, Italy — наиболее удачное решение фасада / the most successful solution of the facade
  • Sunken Simplicity / Eka Swadiansa, Kania Prita Anggriany / Jakarta — Indonesia —  наилучшее решение пространства: 2 уровня, интересный интерьер. Приз зрительских симпатий от студентов ЯГТУ. / The best solution of the space: 2 levels, interesting interior. People’s Choice Award from YSTU students.
  • Lunch on the Grass / Petar Stapov / Sofia, Bulgaria — отмечено использование опор, интересная разработка темы / mentioned the use of props, interesting development of the theme

These projects will be used to create the final construction project / Эти проекты будут использованы для создания окончательного рабочего проекта.

Schedule of the construction process / График процесса строительства

Preparatory work on the site: October 2014. Beginning of the construction process: February 2015. Сompletion of the Realization — May 2016.
Мы будем публиковать фотографии строительства в блоге / We will post photos of building process in a blog


  • Escamol   / Carolina Contreras, Miriam Acosta / Chihuahua, Mexico — прямое попадание в тему. Текстуры будут использованы при реализации. / Direct hit to the topic. Textures will be used for realization.
  • Gourmanization of the space / Filipe Cardeira, TBC / Sydney, Australia — отмечены: подача, графика, решение пространства / mentioned: presentation, graphics, solution of the space
  • SALAD / Carlos A. González Alemán / Spain — наиболее полный проект и исследование / the most comprehensive research and the project
  • Рафинад. Как есть. / Зверьков Иван, Кухтова Софья / Москва, Россия — отмечена подача. Идея будет использована в интерьерах. / Presentation is awarded. The idea will be used in the interiors
  • Streamline Restaurant / Huijuan  Liu, Zhiwei  Ji / Huijuan  Liu / Haikou, PRC CHINA — отмечено объёмно-пространственное решение / mentioned three-dimensional solution.
  • EXTRIAMO / Marija Cvejić, Sladjana Cvejić / Belgrade, Serbia — отмечено решение двора. Павильоны, возможно, будут использованы при реализации. / Mentioned: the decision of the court. Pavilions may be used in the practice.
  • Glass Refuge / Isabel Brant, Gabriel Souza, Marcos Franchini / Brazil — отмечено качество проработки, решение света, общее решение / mentioned quality of the project, the decision of light, the general solution
  • Taste of architecture / Niloufar Kioumarsi / Teheran, Iran — наиболее интересная концепция / the most interesting concept
  • FUNNEL FLAVOUR -Taste Processing- / PETRICORstudio: Stefano Nafissi, Ilaria Venturelli, Francesca Ceci, Mirco Pagnoni / Bologna / Italy — отмечены: концепция, проработка и общее решение / mentioned: the concept, the design and the general solution + People’s Choice Award
  • Fishy Fairytale / Theoklitos  Triantafyllidis, Nickolas Triantafyllidis, Mitsiou Andreas / Beijing, China — наиболее эстетически-яркий проект, самый весёлый проект, приз за юмор / the most aesthetically striking design, the most fun project, the prize for humor

Все проекты примут участие в выставке / All projects will participate in the exhibition


Escamol   / Carolina Contreras, Miriam Acosta / Chihuahua, Mexico

 is a project inspired in food, but which type of food did we chose and why?


After making a research on international dishes prepared with worldwide known ingredients, we decided not to go to far and kept the origin and context of the localization of the project, which is Russia.

We decided to take as main concept Ykra, a typical Russian appetizer, with an attractive visual but also contrasting in its different ingredients. So finally we had our ingredients to start cooking architecture.

Escamol / 2

Why Escamol?

Escamoles are ant larvae, which in Mexico are as unique and expensive as caviar, and are called ̈The Mexican caviar ̈, this way we are making allusion to our Mexican way to reinterpret Ykra.

How does this appetizer transform into a living space and which sensations can you perceive from it?

The origins for red caviar, is salmon, so we took this as inspiration to start designing, at this point we defined colors and textures inspired on it. At this point we did the same with the other ingredients, which are bread and butter.

Carolina Contreras, Miriam Acosta

We created a new atmosphere where the actual clients and the new ones to come can feel and perceive the new design, but keeping the commodity, service and food that was already offered.

Escamol is innovating with an interactive bar, which goes through the whole restaurant ending on the veranda, which is divided in 6 pavilions offering more privacy to the user, being this the biggest attractive of The Buffet.

Urban Greenhouse

Urban Greenhouse / Anton Kotlyarov, Stanislav Kashin, Patricia Lencastre Carneiro / Milan, Italy

Urban Greenhouse


After we read the book “Food for the City”, which describes problem of food production in modern world. We decided to concentrate our attention on natural food production. But in our case natural vegetation is more decorative element, which appears like central idea of conception of urban greenhouse.

What could be more associated with food more, than the place where food produced? Only the place where you can eat the food. New conception of “buffet” restaurant is two in one.

Urban Greenhouse

The volume of restaurant divided on several block, between each one of them placed plants, which produce different food products (tomatoes, grape, oranges, lemons). These plants perform a decorative function.

Natural vegetation creates pleasant atmosphere. Moreover, all visitors of restaurant could try to grow their own plants. What could be a reason to visit “buffet” restaurant more often.

Urban Greenhouse / 3


Wooden frame is a main structural element. This frame involves all other elements. External frontage is covered with windows, big windows are permanently closed and small could be opened. Area of big windows covered with wooden planks. Whole structure is lifted up from the ground on level of main entrance. Structure looks lighter and maintains access of light to basement of main 6 floor building. The roof covered with glass only in areas were plants placed, to have a sun light for vegetation.

Pavilions are designed for six people inside and have the same wooden frame structure covered with wooden planks, but without glass. Pavilions designed for summer time and they are moveable.

Urban Greenhouse / 4

The main access to terrace is provided from the main space of restaurant. Two of existing windowsill are became an entrance to terrace, while other five became sitting places, what significantly increase amount of sitting places.

Main volume of terrace is covered with glass, but not the space in front of main entrance to restaurant. This place is wooden frame covered with wooden planks, without glass.

Urban Greenhouse / 5

The plants are growing in suspended pots, there are two types of pots, for plants like grape, ivy and tomatoes (its can create long continuous plant from one pot) and oranges and lemons which need more pots to maintain wanted amount of green area.

Lighting system is provided by single light spots.


Comfortable sitting is made for 50 persons. It is possible to extend the number of sits to 60 or even more for special events. There are four types of sitting from the couches in the corner to the regular double-sit tables. This is made to provide a sitting possibility for different groups.

authors: Anton Kotlyarov, Stanislav Kashin, Patricia Lencastre Carneiro

More details

Terrace is made is a such a way to provide additional advertising by looking for activities occurring in the terrace not by using big signboards. Wooden planks add a mystery to the restaurant if you are walking down the street. The desire to look inside is appearing.

Sunken Simplicity

Sunken Simplicity / Eka Swadiansa, Kania Prita Anggriany / Jakarta — Indonesia

Gourmanization of the Space


Much differs to the conventional approaches, our proposal do not reflect itself on any certain bizarre metaphors. As we are growing fonder of the existing programmatic connections, we moved deeper to analyze each of the different spatial properties (i.e. the bar, stage, and side‐stage areas) and try to connect them with what would be the space of proper ‘formal dine‐in’. The result is proposal for 3 new terraces and pavilions that would not only bridge the existing programs with new way of modern formalism, but will also enrich the spatial quality of the restaurant into 1 holistic function with many different ambiences to choose from.

Sunken Simplicity


The Existing Spaces

BEER in the Stage & Bar areas. Energetic music, lights, and crowd, pass around the beer…. one of the large existing features of the restaurant was the large stage and bar areas able to host quite numerous numbers of spectators. To enjoy the drink or just to listen to the music, the area serves a public ambience of the heavy crowd.

Sunken Simplicity / 2

SOFT drinks in the Side Stage. Enjoying the conversation accompanied by the live band… a place for light snack and super heavy discussion or just everyday life’s sissy gossip. A place to meet friends and enjoy the break after long‐hour of works.

Sunken Simplicity / 3

The New Proposals

COFFEE in the 1st floor Veranda. Our proposals are the spaces that move away from the music and its crowds… the first is the 1st floor terrace, with maximum orientation towards the landscape outward. It is the perfect space to enjoy the day ‐quietly‐ sipping the hot cup of coffee while reading the local newspaper or novel…

Sunken Simplicity / 4

WINE in the lower ground Veranda. The second is the lower ground terrace placed right ‘under’ the coffee‐ shop… It is a place of special occasion. Completely private, quite, and introvert; the space for personal celebrations: job promotion, wedding proposal, marriage, anniversary, etc… it is a special space devoted for fine dine‐in. So shall we open the bottle of wine?

Sunken Simplicity / 5

MORE WINES in the Pavilions. The third proposal is to create a ‘courtyard circumference’ and ‘fill‐in each corners with pavilions… The courtyard will become a kind of central point of orientation to create
a kind of shared‐landscape values to create extrovert spaces which are visibly connected to each other, yet bordered in different pavilions. It is a space devoted for the serious meeting… business deals that are followed by a toss… cheers!

authors: Eka Swadiansa, Kania Prita Anggriany

Gourmanization of the space

Gourmanization of the space / Filipe Cardeira, TBC / Sydney, Australia

Gourmanization of the space /  Sydney, Australia

Gourmanization of the space /  Sydney, Australia / 2

Gourmanization of the space /  Sydney, Australia / 3

author: Filipe Cardeira

Рафинад. Как есть.

Рафинад. Как есть. / Зверьков Иван, Кухтова Софья / Москва, Россия


Рафинад. Как есть.


Какие ассоциации вызывает у вас слово «рафинад»? Сладкий, кубический, белый, твердый, растворимый… Все просто. Но, подержав в пальцах кусок рафинада чуть дольше обычного,  начинаешь задумываться над его двойственностью. Рафинад – куб, но грани его нечетки, зернисты. Рафинад твердый, но его задача – раствориться и отдать свои свойства. Рафинад сладкий, но вкус его в твердой форме концентрирован до приторности.

Рафинад. Как есть. / 2

Рафинад непрозрачен, но при определенном освещении начинает сам излучать свет. Рафинад белый, но до того момента, как не начнет отдавать свои свойства, растворяться и растворять в себе. Рафинад граничный, хрупкий и совсем не эгоистичный. Ведь как только он попадает в определенную среду, он с готовностью делится всеми своими свойствами и, растворившись, делает ее немного слаще.

Рафинад. Как есть. / 3


За основной прототип взят модульный кубический объем — сахар-рафинад. Модуль –рафинад универсален. Он может быть  самостоятельным объектом (павильон из ударопрочного пластика), объемным формообразующим элементом (стеклоблок с пескоструйным напылением), представать в виде мебели и предметов интерьера, являться светопрозрачным ограждающим элементом (стеклопакеты с пескоструйным напылением), становиться плоскостью при создании декоративного покрытия (декоративная штукатурка). Возможные варианты применения представлены на листе … (реконструкции фасада) и на листе….(концепция).

Рафинад. Как есть. / 4

Проект веранды представляет собой продолжение размышлений на тему практического применения модуль-рафинада. Основной объем веранды сформирован кубическими стеклоблоками с пескоструйным напылением. Подобное решение создает в интерьере естественное рассеянное освещение днем и эффект внутреннего свечения ночью,   при этом сохраняется приватность и защищенность внутреннего пространства. Модуль-рафинад также присутствует и в интерьере – в виде кубических пластиковых столов вдоль окон.

Рафинад. Как есть. / 5

В предлагаемом варианте реконструкции фасада тема продолжена в решении большого вертикального окна лестничных маршей. Его предполагается заменить стеклопакетами с пескоструйным напылением, соответствующим решению стеклоблоков веранды. Также на боковом фасаде предлагается использовать  декоративную штукатурку с аналогичной текстурой. Кубический объемы модуль-рафинада также найдут поддержку в решении мощения вдоль главного фасада здания. Для улучшения свойств материалов используются специальные грязе-, пыле-, водоотталкивающие составы.

Рафинад. Как есть. / 6

Временные павильоны на 6-8 человек выполнены из ударопрочного пластика с пескоструйным напылением, предполагается использование каркаса для создания легкой сборно-разборной конструкции.

авторы: Зверьков Иван, Кухтова Софья


SALAD / Carlos A. González Alemán / Spain 


Taste and Feeling

The concept of smell, color, taste — this feelings akin the feeling of optic nerves. Lights, dessert and feelings. We did not want something so obvious but some buildings were calling us.

Chose the basic components of a salad and have chosen architecture buildings which were similar. Are alike. No more.




LETTUCE Twirling Tower. Dubai. David Fisher
CUCUMBER Tower Swiss Re. London. Norman Foster
TOMATOES Reichstag. Berlin. Norman Foster
SHREDDED CARROT Tower Agbar. Barcelona. Jean Nouvel
RED ONIONS Ronchamp. Ronchamp. Le Corbusier
EAR IF CORN Marina City. Chicago. Bertrand Goldberg
OLIVES Domo House. Florida. USA


Perhaps, these projects were or had root these elements of nature. We’ll never know but we can always invent your origin. We will not be on the right track.

There is no way  Gourmanization of architecture as a salad. A salad is fresh, full of taste, full of feeling, full of textures, full of form … and the easier is in relating it to architecture.


So the next time you eat a salad think you’re eating the world’s architecture. Full of taste and feeling.

We do not want the best lighting, the best textures or just want a good excuse to have fun and see that architecture can be edible. And rather we see how the forms of architecture always arise everyday thing but unusual.

Fishy Fairytale

Fishy Fairytale / Theoklitos  Triantafyllidis, Nickolas Triantafyllidis, Mitsiou Andreas / Beijing, China

Our main main idea was to explore the fascination of the sense of taste in space. When thinking of Siberia, the first thing that comes to mind is the taste of ice. And the vodka. Our main concept for the exterior of the Buffet, was to create a happy place for summer time to enjoy the quality life and city view.

Fishy Fairytale

The veranda is like a big mouth, that calls people to come in from the tongue. For the pavillions we thought of a very good tradition of Russia to make dolls become smaller. Like this, our pavillions can be inside one other, to store in the winter!! We also put some landscape to make it more natural. There is a lake and a mushroom mountain. The interior, on the other side, is more cold and wild. Our idea for inside the restaurant is to create a natural delicious environment.

Fishy Fairytale / 2

The kitchen is inside a frozen mountain. A river falls from the mountain and passes through the forest. The forest has some wild animals which can be hunted by the customers with spears. The feeling of flowing water gives a sense of calmness. The river finally reaches the salty sea which is also full of tasty fish. Fishing is a great tradition of Russia and we thought it to be good if people could fish inside the restaurant.

Fishy Fairytale / 3

There is also a stage for live music making and wine tasting. We believe that music, as cooking, cannot be fully experienced if not done completely by oneself. This is why we propose that fishing, hunting, preparation and cooking are all done by the customers themselves. For the water elements we propose that water starts to boil during the night until it becomes a soup that people can drink and enjoy the vapors of the tastyful sauna. All tables and chairs are submerged in water like the film Сталкер. All this, we think, can be expressed by this wonderful painting of a tiger fishing.

authors: Theoklitos  Triantafyllidis, Nickolas Triantafyllidis, Mitsiou Andreas

Streamline Restaurant

Streamline Restaurant / Huijuan  Liu, Zhiwei  Ji / Huijuan  Liu / Haikou, PRC CHINA

The Description Of Archfood Design

——Streamline Restaurant

Architecture and cuisine, originally, people do not think there’s necessarily a link between them. But enjoying delicious food in an interesting and rich space where people can communicate, taste, share and discuss with each other will make the process of eating becomes entertaining. Excellent building provides a comfortable space, which makes people become closer and the delicious food become the common point of interest.

Streamline Restaurant

Yaroslavl, located on the confluence of Volga River and Section prop Ross Fall River. Inspiration from the winding rive, twists and turns, ups and downs, form the outdoor pavilion and roof garden. And extending flow lines to the inside, forming a rich and interesting space.

In the outside, pavilions are not stand-alone and connected to each other by the framework . They compose well communication with the outside world. The sunlight shines on people through the glass frame, then people enjoy natural and cuisine in the pavilion, communicate with each other at the same time.

authors: Huijuan  Liu, Zhiwei  Ji / Huijuan  Liu

The terrace has been transformed into a restaurant “Buffet”, people could enter into the terrace from the underlying directly after soaking up the sunshine. Dynamic and static are separately, the right for the dishes desk and cozy rest area on the left. Here you can read and exhibition, to understand the history and development of the social revolution, supplement spiritual nourishment. The left side of the door is a wooden staircase leading to the first layer where the main dining space is. The interior space continuation of the streamline , organically combine with the indoor furniture, making inside and outside space harmonious. All the inside furniture is made of wood which make the entire restaurant warm.

There’s an open rooftop garden after upstairs from the first layer. The framework of the roof garden is extending by the style of the outdoor pavilion, also form several nodes for docking, resting and enjoying cuisine and sunshine. The inside space can accommodate 200 people for dining, and the outside pavilions and roof garden are also available to provide dining space. The rest area can accommodate 15 people for reading and exhibition.

Glass Refuge

Glass Refuge / Isabel Brant, Gabriel Souza, Marcos Franchini / Brazil

Glass Refuge


The space created in ths Project makes the best out of the experience of eating food and socializing in restaurants.

The space available for the intervention allows a high ceiling and plenty of natural light. The Project solution enhanced these possibilities with a mezzanine, glazing and a sunroof.

Glass Refuge / 2

This transparency contrasts with the previous image of the restaurant and invites passers-by to enter and indulge in the pleasures of culinary.  The existing windows were taken out so the sound can get through to the veranda and also customers in the existing area can take a peek. These window openings were painted red, as were the walls in the new entrance and on the opposite side, giving simmetry to the facade composition.

Glass Refuge / 3

The linear lighting and level solutions, as well as the materials and layout suggested give sophistication to the space, creating a fresh ambience to the restaurant by day and a cool urban feel at night .

The separate pavilion is set Just under ground level, much like a lounge area, keeping it cozy and private without losing the outdoors sensation.

authors: Isabel Brant, Gabriel Souza and Marcos Franchini

The Project takes a contemporary approach to restaurant design and gives Буфет new light, making it more attractive to customers and offering experiences that were not filfilled by the existing space.