What is it? / Что это такое?

This is an online investigation by architectural studio «nmaxu».

Это онлайн-расследование, которое проводит архстудия «ПТАХИ».

We started from this email:

inbox  in:

Dear Arichitect

Have a good day

Our company has a project of a Kun ming.china five star  hotel 20000square meters, the gross area is 120,000 square meters, 38floors above ground,the budget is about 86,000,000 Euro. Now we want to entrust the design company for us to make a design scheme, if youd like to cooperate, please contact with us.


Project manager: Zhao bosheng


Kunming Real Estate Center of Chengdou GuanCheng (Industrial) Group


ADD: Middle Dongfeng Road, Kunming, Yunnan, China.

TEL: 0086-871-646••••3   Mobile phone:0086-130953••••2

Email:cd••••ao1@vip.163.com  (-for security reasons)


3 мысли о “about”

  1. Hi there,

    My partner, he is an Architect and he has also received these emails!

    We are starting to doubt the man who has contacted us, and are beginning to worry.

    Is there any more information that you have found?

    If there has been any advances on the ‘realness’ of this project, we would be very grateful to hear more.

    Kind Regards,


    1. I think, it is not a real project, because very many people have received such emails. For example: try to search «Project manager Zhao Bosheng» in a Google.
      We have more info and we’ll publish it on this website soon.

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