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Dear Zhao Bosheng,
We plan to arrive at the Kunming airport April 16 at 7:45 am (MU 714 China Eastern Airlines)
We contacted the Chinese Embassy, invitations — is ok, but they also ask us to confirm your hotel (booking certificates scans). Can you help us, or we need to request them from the hotel, that you recommend?
Dates of our visit are: April 16 — April 21
We have a few questions regarding the formal point of signing the contract:
— What documents from our side will be required to sign the agreement? We are sure to provide all the formal information about our company, including insurance, financial guarantees and bank details.
Our company has the necessary approvals and permits for all types of design service. But all the documents we have in Russian, except for information about the bank account. Let me know if you need a translation into English.
— How do you wish to enter into a contract: the company or individual? As you will be more profitable or easier?
— We would like to examine in detail the construction site, is it possible?
Best regards,
Simon Ra ,
NMAXU architects